Colorful Keepsakes To Help Calm Nerves

A man walks into a bar for his usual pint of bitters. Fortunately this man does not make it a regular, daily habit because this would be disingenuous to his health. For a man who is dealing with a lot pressure these days, what is one pint every other day. Nothing wrong with a couple hours’ relaxation every other evening after yet another hectic day at the office. The barman knows him well enough and always has a kind word or two to add in. There’s one nasty habit that both of them seem to enjoy. They both like to smoke, the one more than the other. But only doing his job, the barman forgets. Clearing the table, he proceeds to wipe away the man’s crushed empty cigarette box.

No, leave that please, that’s my stress ball. Oh, alright. He could leave that and the habit if he just half tried. He seems to like art. He likes observing colors. Not quite a stress ball but a colorful pocket square ought to do the trick. As the name suggests, he could slip it into his pocket and carry it around wherever he goes. He could even use it at his desk while his trying to figure out yet another ‘colorful’ marketing puzzle. Marketing and advertising work is one of the most stressed out jobs that anyone could ask for. It cannot be healthy for the sensitive heart. You need nerves of steel to survive in this world.

colorful pocket square

And sometimes you even need balls of steel too. A pocket square seems to be a healthy way to relieve some stress or tension. It’s a lot better than heading downstairs all the time to steal another smoke. So much timewasting, so much added stress.